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Natural Stone Walling

SANDSTONE is one of the premier products supplied by DOLMEN STONE in both Paving and Building Stone over the years. Sandstone is a natural material formed by sedimentary deposition of material eroded from previous rock formations. The material deposited close to its source tends to be course (gritstones), whereas material carried further afield tends to be finer grained (sandstone).

Pressure, heat and the ingress of minerals of natural cement carried in water caused the sediments to harden and stick together over millions of years to form the stone we are familiar with today.

Typically, sandstones, whilst being perfectly suited to cladding and architectural projects, have been widely used over centuries in landscaping projects as result of their superior slip resistant qualities compared to other natural stones and concrete. Sandstone’s are available in a variety of colours from the buff type colour we are most familiar with to the brown’s and greys bordering on charcoal which are all available at DOLMEN STONE.

We are able to offer a range of quality sandstones, Quartzite, Limestone and Granite from local quarries as well as other sources. These include the following:

• Mountcharles Sandstone

• Kikenny Limestone

• Donegal Quartzite

• Donegal Granite

All of our stone products are produced in an environmentally sustainable way and comply with all the local planning laws.