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disadvantages of circumcision

Male circumcision is usually performed for religious and ethnic reasons. is a very common practice. It might appear at first glance that the disadvantages of male circumcision are few and apparently insignificant. What are the advantages, disadvantages and the reasons for getting circumcised?Dr. Circumcision is also done for conditions of the foreskin such as swelling, inflammation or inability to retract the foreskin. Circumcision is traumatic, and the long-term psychological effects of circumcision are similar to the long-term effects of trauma. Circumcision is a hotbed of discussion for many parents, who keep on arguing about its pros and cons. 1. The following is the list of reasons that make the practice a disadvantage and harmful to women. The general disadvantages of circumcision are. It involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissue, and interferes with the natural functions of girls' and women's bodies. Circumcision has been around for millennia, rooted in the rituals of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and some African cultures. But there are downsides to circumcision, considering it is a surgical procedure, which can result in infection, bleeding or scarring. Circumcision is not uncommon among men who want to appear older and to reduce their risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Read on to know the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision. The 3 Cons of Female Circumcision. The Foreskin Advantage. Circumcision, the partial or total removal of foreskin from the penis, is performed for religious, social, and health reasons.Though the national rate of newborn circumcision … With that said, there are some disadvantages to having your foreskin removed. Circumcision is a medical procedure that provides some advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, women can also be put at risk because of this. Sex Transm Infect 2006;82:101-109. ii Singh-Grewal D, Macdessi J, Craig j. Circumcision for the prevention of urinary tract infection in boys: a systematic review of randomised trials and observational studies. There's evidence that circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexual men acquiring HIV. The public circumcision debate on the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision is heating up as more people question the wisdom of the practice. Anatomical considerations. Circumcision has the following advantages and disadvantages: Advantages of circumcision There are SEVERAL disadvantages to being circumcised: 1. Some people undergo the procedure for religious or cultural reasons, but it can also be a way to reduce health risks. The foreskin is the only part of the human body Americans routinely amputate in the absence of an immediate health threat. Circumcision may lower the risk for cancer of the cervix in sexual partners. The process for circumcision. The "prepuce" (foreskin) constitutes 50% or more of the skin system of the penis [1]. The issue of circumcision is discussed within cultural and religious circles, with many having very distinct opinions on the topic. Most non-medical circumcisions are carried out on children. Studies about the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision in healthy infants give mixed results. “The circumcision process involves surgically removing the foreskin to expose the head of the penis,” says Vanessa Elliott, M.D., a urologist at UCP Urology of Central PA, Inc. It may surprise many parents that circumcision of a newborn son is a family decision, not a medical one. Benefits enjoyed by males who are intact (not circumcised) 1. Male circumcision and risk of syphilis, chancroid, and genital herpes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. While issues related to the risk of childhood urinary tract infection with and without circumcision may be debatable, the authors have been blinded to the medical benefits of circumcision for adults. Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin. (ii) Early marriage as they are considered adults and their parents marry them off. There is still no absolute medical indication for routine circumcision of the newborn. —Dr Laumann and colleagues 1 conclude that circumcision provides no preventive medical benefit, thus reviving an ongoing controversy. Circumcision may be performed for … Hygiene: The most basic benefit of circumcision is that it makes the penis simpler to wash, especially for children. I spent the first 21 years of my life uncircumcised, and as of today the following 20 circumcised. The disadvantages are, but more subtle and often difficult to detect unless we are conscious of these. Most men and women accept the clinic as a common medical clinic. What are the Male Circumcision disadvantages? Specialists can assist guardians with bettering comprehend the advantages and dangers. However, there are many such disadvantages. It is a crime. (iii) Excessive bleeding during the operation/ cut may lead to death. Lets Talk About Circumcision. We … Female Circumcision Involves A Number of Side Effects This is one of the cons of female circumcision. Hi! Research has shown that sexual pleasure in circumcised males is highly reduced, because in circumcision, you cut off a web of skin full of nerve endings which make sexual arousal pleasurable. For some people, they use religion as their guide while for others, the concluding determination normally goes down to individual preferences and what parents consider will make their son healthiest and happiest. The prepuce is an integral part of the penile skin system and has been characterized by anatomical researchers as “primary erogenous tissue necessary for normal sexual function.”[1] Amputation of the prepuce (foreskin) by circumcision alters the anatomy of the penis from its natural design in a number of fundamental ways. There are no disadvantages of circumcision as the penis will be the same, functioning as it should even in adulthood. What are the benefits of circumcision? Highlight the disadvantages of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM). However, there might be surgery-related risks involved. The reason behind it may be for a good purpose. Circumcision, although noninvasive, is a purely surgical procedure and also the gap between the benefits and disadvantages could be summed up in one word: complications. The Sexual Impact of Circumcision. HIV prevention. While debating circumcision, it is important to understand the potential advantages and disadvantages with circumcising male babies. Circumcision may decrease the risk for cancer of the penis. The benefit of having a”dead” foreskin is obviously an advantage. For example: Circumcision may reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI), such as a bladder infection. Answers (i) Painful sexual intercourse due to tightened muscles. Circumcision reduces the risk of getting some types of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. MANY DISADVANTAGES: No health benefits, only harm fgm has no health benefits, and it harms girls and women in many ways. Not new and they’re typically brought up to offset the benefits. Full penis length and circumference. There are several potential advantages and disadvantages associated with circumcising boys shortly after they are born. Circumcision may result in a lower incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and may reduce HIV transmission. NOTE: Links with a right-facing blue arrow will take you off this site. To the Editor. Circumcision is not thought to either hurt or enhance a person’s sexual pleasure. There are several potential advantages and disadvantages associated with circumcising boys shortly after they are born. It can be done for young children or adults. For this reason, most doctors neither recommend nor discourage routine circumcision. Circumcision is a choice best left to guardians or to the kid himself when he is more seasoned. For example: Circumcision reduces the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI), such as a bladder infection. What is circumcision? Circumcision Advantages and Disadvantages. Circumcision is a common practice in the Jewish and Islamic communities, and it's also practised by many African communities. Disadvantage is loss of clitoral sensation, difficulty, impossibility of vaginal penetration, infection ;/or severe blood loss. Circumcision is an ancient, cultural and religious practice. It is mutilation: So called "female circumcision" as practiced in africa ; middle east involves removing clitoris ; sometimes suturing vagina till it is almost closed. Based on your personal beliefs, what it means to you , your family’s feelings about the matter and others conclusions that may come up along the way, you should find the right thing for your circumstance. The majority of the common arguments put forward to describe the overall disadvantages of circumcision are basically a result of not understanding the gap between complications and disadvantages. Circumcision does not affect fertility. I'm an anti-circumcision student doctor and I hope I can have the 10 points! There are also a number of health benefits to having your foreskin removed. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to circumcision. Even presidential candidates like Andrew Yang came out against circumcision. Various studies have shown circumcision lowers a straight man's risk of getting HIV, syphilis, HPV, genital herpes and gonorrhoea. Circumcision may reduce the risk of getting some types of sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV and genital herpes. A circumcision is done for many personal and religious reasons. Studies show that circumcision can reduce the risk of several diseases—not just in an individual but in a community or even in a country If you choose to have your newborn circumcised, be sure the procedure is performed in a safe and sterile environment by a highly trained professional. A circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) covering the glans (rounded tip) of the penis. Arch Dis Child 2005;90:853-8. The idea is to find out that the best option is for your youngster.

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